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We have all seen bonds that are financially unobtainable and outside the reach of many clients and their families.  Electronic Global Position Satellite (GPS) monitors are the latest tools for requesting and obtaining bond reductions.  GPS tracking works the same way that GPS units in your car or boat function by acquiring the specific signal from the monitor.  Our GPS equipment can locate an individual to within + 10 feet anywhere in the world.  By employing this state of the art technology to track and monitor defendants the courts are more receptive to allowing affordable bonds. 

Many times it makes economic sense to release a suspected offender rather than hold him or her in jail  for months until a hearing.  Global can monitor suspected offenders as part of their bond to help insure they comply with the courts orders.  The single and two piece units are offender pay, there is no cost ot the court system.

Global Monitoring Inc. has been monitoring offenders in Duval and surrounding counties since 2004 and would like to make our services available for your needs and requirements.  The Equipment is state of the art and always up to date.  Our rates are competitive and affordable for the offender.